The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) is the peak organisation for practitioners involved in the education and training of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

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ANZAHPE Committee of Management (CoM)

ANZAHPE Management.

Membership of the CoM

Members of the CoM are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee consists of up to ten members, being the five Office Bearers and five ordinary members (CoM Representatives). The Office Bearers comprise the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary. Other than the Office Bearer positions, particular responsibilities are given to Committee members by appointment. These may vary from one year to the next, depending upon the particular activities at the time and may include such responsibilities as Bulletin Editor, Student Liaison Representative, Sponsorship/Marketing Manager, Conference Liaison and Journal Liaison and Digital Communications Manager. Additional roles that may be held by non-Committee members that report to CoM include Public Officer, FoHPE Editor, and Conference Convenor.

The term of office for each member of the CoM is two years. In any one year, no more than four members shall reside in any one state of Australia or in New Zealand. CoM members are eligible for re-election for a maximum continuous period of six years, and are then eligible for re-election after a period of absence of at least one year. The President is eligible to hold this office for a continuous period of three years, and then is ineligible to hold this office for the following three years.

Current Committee of Management

president & conference liaison

Ben has been a member of CoM since 2014, and held the role of Vice-President from 2015- 2020
Ben also currently holds the Conference Liaison portfolio for ANZAHPE Committee of Management which is an essential link between each ANZAHPE Conference organising Committee and the Committee of Management,  and ensures that the annual conference planning at each location  reflects the unique spirit  and strategic goals of ANZAHPE.
He was convenor of the ANZAHPE Annual Meeting held in  Hobart in 2018.  Until May 2018, he was Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania, and prior to that held the position of Deputy Dean (MBBS) in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.  He has research interests in the areas of assessment and health professions curricula.

Vice President/fohpe liaison officer 
diann eley

Di Eley is the Liaison Officer for the ANZAHPE journal, Focus on Health Professional Education (FoHPE). Her role is to promote the journal through strategies to increase its access and impact to a broad health professional educator readership while maintaining its quality and relevance to ANZAHPE members. A key responsibility is maintaining communication between the ANZAHPE Committee of Management and the FoHPE Editorial Board.

Di is a Professor and the Director of MD Research in the Office of Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Queensland. Her research interests are research training, personality and well-being, and rural health workforce.

honorary secretary
megan anakin

 As Secretary of the ANZAHPE Committee of Management, Megan is responsible for coordinating correspondence for the Association. She also manages the Awards and Grants portfolio.  

Megan is also an Education Advisor and Lecturer in the Education Unit of the Otago Medicine School at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Her research interests include students’ experiences of learning, assessment, and conceptual development; curriculum and faculty development; and interprofessional education.

joanna tai 

Joanna Tai currently holds the ANZAHPE Committee of Management portfolio of Treasurer, which involves oversight of the finicial management of the association.

Joanna is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. Her research interests include feedback, evaluative judgement, peer learning and the student experience.

Membership Secretary
Koshila Kumar

As the Membership Secretary, Koshila’s focus is on member recruitment and retention. She undertakes strategy development related to expanding and sustaining the ANZAHPE member base, marketing and communication around membership, evaluation, and development of new initiatives.

Koshila is a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the postgraduate courses in clinical education in the Prideaux Centre for Research at Health Professions Education, Flinders University. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and her research interests include professional learning/faculty development, curriculum and pedagogy, and the use of theory in health professions education research. Koshila is also a Fellow of ANZAHPE.

external collaborations

Chinthaka Balasooriya is the immediate-past-president of ANZAHPE, having held the position of President from July 2018 to November 2020.  He continues to serve on ANZAHPE CoM as the Chair of the ANZAHPE External Collaborations Subcommittee. In this role he will further develop strategic relationships with national and international organisations to raise the international profile of ANZAHPE and expand the suite of benefits available to ANZAHPE members. 

Chinthaka is the Director of Medical Education Development at the School of Population Health, UNSW Sydney. He has a background in Medicine and a PhD in Medical Education. He has over 20 years of experience in medical education innovation and research. He is passionate about education and has received numerous teaching excellence awards and a national Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. He is a Fellow of ANZAHPE.

interprofessional education

Margo Brewer currently holds the ANZAHPE Committee of Management portfolio of Interprofessional Education. Margo is an Associate Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology at Curtin University in Western Australia. Her research interests include interprofessional education, resilience, managing underperforming students and feedback.

CoM member 
carole steketee

Carole is currently the National Director of Learning and Teaching and the University of Notre Dame Australia, and is Chair of the Academic Council.

Prior to this, Carole was Associate Dean Teaching and Learning in the School of Medicine, and Director of its Medical Education Support Unit. Her research interests remain in the area of health professional education. She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Com member

Avril is a clinician based in Auckland, New Zealand  and leads interprofessional education and the safe prescribing program for both undergraduates and post graduates in  the clinical workplace ( hospital). Her research interests include work based learning, quality improvement , interprofessional collaborative practice and accelerating clinical reasoning performance. She is particularly interested in effectively preparing graduates for the transition to clinical practice.

professional development

Joy Rudland is the Director Education Development and Staff Support Unit (EDSSU) at Otago Medical School, New Zealand, and is responsible for the co-ordination of the Education Advisers' Otago Medical School role and sits on the MB ChB Curriculum Committee and other committees in an educational advisory capacity.  Joy began her Medical Education career, over 20 years ago, at Dundee Centre for Medical Education.  She has been a member of ANZAHPE since moving to New Zealand 14 years ago.

com member
JO Bishop

Jo was elected to the CoM in July 2020.  Her current role as Associate Dean of student Affairs and Service quality and Curriculum lead for the Bond Medical Program enables her to work with key stakeholders within the tertiary and health service sector. 

diversity and inclusion


Anna Vnuk was elected to CoM in July 2020.  Anna has been attending ANZAHPE conferences for over 20 years.  She has a passion for and strong interest in quality health professional education which is reflected in her career.

Jill Romeo

In her role as ANZAHPE's Executive Officer, Jill works with the Committee of Management and manages all aspects of the Association's work and activities.

Jill is also manager of the Association's Journal FoHPE (Focus on Health Professional Education).

Interested in becoming a Committee Member?

If you are interested in nominating yourself of another candidate for the ANZAHPE CoM, please forward any initial enquiries to the ANZAHPE Executive Officer.

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The CoM usually meets for extended meetings four times annually (confusingly, these meetings are also referred to as "CoM"!).

  • AGM: At the annual conference
  • COM1: A face to face meeting of the CoM at the Conference immediately after the AGM to elect office bearers
  • COM2: A face to face or virtual meeting of the CoM in November/December
  • COM3: An extended teleconference meeting of the CoM in March/April
  • COM4: An extended face to face meeting of the CoM at/immediately preceding the Annual Conference/AGM.

In addition, CoM meets by monthly teleconference every month and conducts much of its business by email.


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Renmark, SA. 5341.  Aus.

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