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HTAG: Clinical Mentoring and Beyond – Supporting Medicine and Health Students

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There is substantial evidence that students enrolled in Medicine and Health Programs value and benefit from a mentoring scheme to support their clinical skills development, confidence in clinical and related settings, career development and networking.

Students are encouraged to embrace lifelong learning and mentoring is an excellent way to develop a trusted relationship based on guidance, support and encouragement which is mutually beneficial to both individuals. A mentoring relationship can make a great difference to how someone approaches their studies and future career, and also how they build their skills and knowledge.  Mentors help pave the way for their mentees to succeed and contribute to their development through thoughtful conversation and consultation.  It is important to note that mentoring is not coaching, sponsorship or counselling. 

The purpose of this HTAG is to develop a network of health education professionals involved in or interested in supporting medicine and health students to achieve their full potential by increasing the opportunities available to them and specifically through clinical and related mentoring. Members will share resources and experiences, and also explore opportunities to conduct research and develop policies and standards at a national level that will enhance the educational experience of students as well as their educators. 

The outcomes of this HTAG include but are not limited to:

  • Identify national and international initiatives in clinical and health mentoring
  • Provide a forum to share knowledge and programs about clinical mentoring
  • Increase collaboration, networking opportunities and partnerships across Australia and internationally
  • Improve the clinical learning of medicine and health students as well as support their wellbeing and confidence in clinical settings
  • improve medicine and health students’ personal and professional development

HTAG Lead:  Judy Kell, Office of Medical Education, UNSW Medicine and Health, Sydney 

If you are interested in joining this HTAG, please contact the ANZAHPE Executive Officer.


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