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Journal - Focus on Health Professional Education (FoHPE)

Focus on Health Professional Education is the official journal of ANZAHPE, formally established in November 1998. The journal is published by the Association to promote, support and advance education in the health professions, and is intended for educators, clinicians and students who have a commitment to improving health care through better teaching and learning.

From 1st February 2021 FoHPE is an open access journal.

Four underlying principles make the journal distinctive from others:

  • A focus on all health professions: the Journal is multi-professional as reflected in its editorial panel, its editorial policy and the balance of articles published in it.
  • A focus on regional issues and concerns: the Journal primarily serves the Western Pacific Region of Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia concentrating on education and training in this demographic, while maintaining an international outlook that deals with issues of global concern.
  • A focus on quality research around teaching and learning: FoHPE is the only regional publication that focusses primarily on research in teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment and evaluation of health professional education.
  • A focus on diverse and stimulating ideas: FoHPE provides a forum where the controversial, challenging and substantive issues facing health professional educators and their students can be examined and advanced.


FoHPE Editorial Board

The Editorial Board acts as an advisory body to the Editor and the ANZAHPE Committee of Management (CoM) on the editorial policy and procedures of the journal. The Editorial Board consists of a number of eminent active educators and researchers in the field of health professional education and is determined by the CoM, with due regard for the need for representation across disciplines, nationally and internationally.

The roles and responsibilities of members of the Editorial Board are to advise on the maintenance of the journal’s standards for quality and guide its scope and focus, including the refereeing procedures for submitted articles and suitable reviewers and topics. The Board manages all submissions of the journal and facilitates writing and reviewing workshops as part of the annual ANZHPE conference.

FoHPE Editor

The Editor is appointed by the ANZAHPE CoM to be responsible for the implementation of editorial policy and procedures. The current FoHPE Editor is A/Prof Karen Scott.

Access to FoHPE

  • FoHPE is an Open Access journal from 1 February, 2021
  • FoHPE moved from a hard copy to a fully electronic journal in October 2014.
  • Members with Informit access can also search the Informit database to access articles in FoHPE. Search the Informit database here

NB:  Vol 1.1 and 1.2 are not available on Informit.

Publication frequency

In its inaugural year in 1999, two issues of FOHPE were published and in 2000 the second volume was published in three issues. FoHPE publishes three issues per annum.

History of FoHPE

During 1997, the ANZAHPE Executive agreed that it wished to establish an independent journal. An important priority of the journal moving forward is to continue to raise the profile of FoHPE locally and internationally, achieve academic listing in a wider range of databases, and move to the online Open Journal Systems.


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