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  • 22 May 2024 9:48 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Gold Conference Sponsor - The University of Melbourne

    The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is honoured to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2024 The Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) ‘Cultivating Innovation’ Conference.

    This year, academics, clinicians and researchers from the Melbourne Dental School, the Melbourne School of Health Sciences, the Department of Medical Education (DME), and Collaborative Practice Centre (CPC), are thrilled to be representing the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences and #UniMelb, during the four-day conference, which promises a packed program of speakers and workshops.

    The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences at The University of Melbourne is proud to be part of a thriving, innovative ecosystem of health services, research institutes, commercial organisations and community groups. With a 150-year history of delivering outstanding educational experiences to our students, today we bring together the largest aggregation of health and medical researchers in Australia to undertake research that makes a global impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities.

    The Melbourne Dental School is at the forefront of oral health education and research, directly impacting patients, health policy, and the commercial sector. With a rich history as a school, we continue to build on this strong foundation to address the needs of oral health in a rapidly changing world.

    Since its inception in July 2009, the Melbourne School of Health Sciences has embraced an inter-professional learning community at the forefront of leadership in health sciences education, clinical research, professional practice, workforce training and knowledge exchange. Our highly skilled team and outstanding students contribute to local, national, and global efforts to improve health and wellbeing.

    Established in 2015 the Department of Medical Education is responsible for the delivery of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course and a range of professional development postgraduate and non-award programs.

    The newly established Collaborative Practice Centre, is a catalyst for collaborative practice in the health care system, equipping current and future teams for working together toward patient-centred care and improved health outcomes through education, practice, and research.

    Join us at booth 34+35 to learn more about the Melbourne Dental School, the Melbourne School of Health Sciences, the Department of Medical Education (DME), and Collaborative Practice Centre (CPC), our programs, and opportunities for continuing professional development at #UniMelb.

  • 20 May 2024 11:11 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Bronze Conference Sponsor - Elsevier

    For more than 140 years, Elsevier has supported the work of researchers and healthcare professionals by providing current, evidence–based information, that can help empower students and clinicians to provide the best healthcare possible. Growing from our roots, Elsevier Health applies innovation, facilitates insights, and helps drive more informed decision making for our customers across global health. We support health providers by providing accessible, trusted evidence-based information to take on the infodemic; prepare more future health professionals with effective tools and resources; provide insights that help clinicians improve patient outcomes; deliver healthcare that is truly inclusive; and supports a more personalized and localized healthcare experience.

    Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our innovation, and our teams are committed to creating education and practice solutions that reflect the diversity of our world. Elsevier is helping lay the groundwork for more equitable healthcare worldwide; We bring the same rigor to our digital information solutions as we do to our publishing, allowing us to offer knowledge and valuable analytics that help our users make breakthroughs and drive progress for the benefit of every patient.

  • 20 May 2024 11:08 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Bronze Conference Sponsor - Sydney Children’s Hospital Network/ KidsResus / Kids Simulation Australia

    The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network cares for thousands of children each year in our hospitals and in their homes with one purpose in mind, to help young people live their healthiest lives.

    Our education programs make this achievable by providing health staff within other hospitals the skills and knowledge to care for paediatric patients allowing them to stay close to home.

    Kids Simulation Australia is a centre of excellence in the area of paediatric simulated learning. Simulation provides a priceless training opportunity using advanced technology to replicate real-life scenarios and allow for experiential learning, education innovation, collaboration and research.

    Kids Simulation Australia focuses on applying innovative and evidence-based simulation techniques to allow paediatric healthcare professionals a safe, immersive experience that improves knowledge and skill development. These experiences are aimed at ensuring high quality care is provided to all paediatric patients.

    Kids Simulation Australia courses support health professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in caring for neonatal and paediatric patients across the state. KSA also provides and supports courses aimed at developing neonatal and paediatric simulation faculty.

    KidsResus is a Paediatric Resuscitation Education and Training Program offered to all health professionals who care for paediatric patients. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills to treat and stabilise a paediatric patient suffering a critical event. This course allows you to gain more than just Basic Life Support skills. It provides information and simulated scenarios depicting real life events within your own environment. This program enables you to focus on the A-G assessment of the critically unwell infant or child and offers you skills and knowledge, to not only assess each area, but trouble shoot and treat anomalies that are discovered.

  • 20 May 2024 11:06 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Bronze Conference Sponsor - McGraw Hill

    McGraw Hill is a global pioneer in educational content, assessment, training, and innovation; and is one of the world’s largest educational companies, with products and services in more than 60 languages and over 130 countries.

    At McGraw Hill, we work to expand the possibilities of content and, together with technology, help millions of educators, learners, and professionals around the world achieve success. McGraw Hill helps individuals excel in their lives, occupations, and interests by providing comprehensive, interactive learning solutions collated from the best minds in Medicine.

    From foundational principles to cutting-edge research, our content covers diverse specialties such as internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, paediatrics, oncology, dermatology, physiotherapy, and more. Our team of esteemed authors and editors comprises renowned experts and thought leaders in their respective fields, ensuring the accuracy, relevance, and reliability of our content.

    Our new regional resource, AccessWorldMed, enhances the world-renowned, trusted AccessMedicine content by curating and localising a breadth of multimedia resources to meet unique regional needs. A case-based content approach with local real-world examples puts educators and students in control of their teaching and learning pathway, catering to their diverse local education needs.

  • 20 May 2024 11:04 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Silver Conference Sponsor - Pearson VUE

    Pearson VUE has been a pioneer in the computer-based testing industry for decades, delivering close to 21 million certification and licensure exams annually in every industry from academia and admissions to IT and healthcare. We are the global leader in developing and delivering high-stakes exams via the world's most comprehensive network of nearly 20,000 highly secure test centres as well as online testing across more than 180 countries. Our leadership in the assessment industry is a result of our collaborative partnerships with a broad range of clients, from leading technology firms to government and regulatory agencies.

    For more information, please visit

  • 20 May 2024 11:01 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Silver Conference Sponsor - The Australian Medical Council (AMC)

    The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is a national standards, assessment and accreditation authority for medicine.

    It is responsible for developing accreditation standards and processes across all phases of medical education. It assesses medical programs and their providers against the standards, and accredits programs that meet the standards.

    The AMC assesses international medical graduates seeking registration to practise medicine in Australia. It works with regulatory authorities to develop IMG assessment pathways.

    Through its partnerships, publications and workshops, the AMC promotes good medical education and practice to support doctors to meet the health care needs of the Australian community. This includes being responsive and adaptive to changing needs and novel challenges.

    AMC’s areas of focus:

    • medical education

    • assessing the need, demand and benefit of proposed new medical specialties

    • professional guidance on good medical practice in a changing world

    • assessment including developing assessment material, standards setting, examination design and delivery, examiner training and calibration, resource development

    • educational change management

    • developing and curating assessment, education, and accreditation resources

    • training for capability development in accreditation, assessment and medical education

    • program accreditation including standards development and review, accreditation processes and practices, and accreditation research

    • evaluation.

  • 20 May 2024 10:58 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Thank you to #ANZAHPE2024 Silver Conference Sponsor - The University of South Australia

    The University of South Australia is Australia’s University of Enterprise on the global stage, agile and astute, known for relevance, equity and excellence.

    We educate and prepare global learners from all backgrounds, instilling professional skills and knowledge, and capacity and drive for lifelong learning.

    We undertake research that is inspired by global challenges and opportunities, delivers economic and social benefits, and which informs our teaching.

    We operate through a partnered, end-user informed culture of teaching and research with a commitment to outstanding service, continuous improvement and sustainability.

    Research at UniSA

    At UniSA, our researchers are thought leaders and change makers. We have big ideas and we ask big questions. We translate our discoveries into solutions that benefit our economy and society. Our approach to research has always been strongly aligned with industry, and we engage in partnerships with business, industry and community, who help to shape the questions we ask. We have built a culture of collaboration that brings our best minds together to solve problems in a multidisciplinary environment. Through our research partnerships, we are developing future industries, creating change and making the world a better place.

    Our approach to teaching and learning

    We are South Australia’s biggest university and offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in business, education, arts, social sciences, health sciences, information technology, engineering and the environment. Programs are designed with strong professional emphasis and in partnership with industry.

    UniSA is committed to providing enhanced educational offerings and an outstanding student experience through drawing on emerging digital technologies to provide personalised and flexible learning opportunities for our students, locally and globally.

    We continue to broaden access and opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and will support our students to enhance their leadership capabilities and build social and professional networks.

    Connect with UniSA

    At UniSA, we partner with industry and are actively involved with the communities in which we operate. We are a globally connected university with over 2,500 industry and professional relationships that support student internships, research and community engagement. 

    UniSA’s Enterprise Hub works with organisations of all sizes to overcome challenges, innovate and add value. We create and sustain partnerships, drawing on the energy and expertise of our staff, research, and collaborators to produce mutually beneficial outcomes.

    Find out more about the many ways you can engage with us at

  • 20 May 2024 9:40 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Meet one of our newest members, Dr Kim Johnston.

    Dr Kim Johnston is a psychologist with a practice, training and research background in both the mental health and alcohol and other drug sectors. Since 2018 she has worked exclusively in education and is currently the Director of two interprofessional mental health courses offered online by the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University. Her approach to education is strongly guided by social justice principles and inclusive pedagogies.

    "I joined ANZAHPE as I am excited by what other health professions educators are doing especially with respect to meaningful partnership with the community. I wanted to expand my professional network, develop new collaborations, share, and learn from others doing this work."

  • 17 May 2024 9:42 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Associate Professor Louisa Ng on her Associate Fellowship with ANZAHPE.

    Louisa is a Rehabilitation Physician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She is also the Deputy Director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School, and the Transition to Practice Subject Coordinator at University of Melbourne. She is currently leading the re-design of both the Clinical Scholar Subject, a unique offering in the final year of the MD course and Transition to Practice. She was previously the Supervisor of Intern Training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital from 2008-2022. She is an active member on committees within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She has a strong interest in both medical education and rehabilitation medicine.

    Louisa has broad interests in medical education at present, including peer mentoring, pharmacology educational interventions, remediation and interprofessional education.

    "I was encouraged to do apply for Associate Fellowship with ANZAHPE by the Department as a formal way of recognising my scholarship of teaching and learning and to facilitate connections to the greater community of Health Professional Educators. I am proud and thankful for this opportunity."

  • 17 May 2024 9:36 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Meet one of our newest members, Andre Matthias Müller.

    Trained in sport science and behavioral health, Andre completed his PhD at the University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2016. Following a spell in the UK, Andre is currently a senior lecturer at the Saw Swee School of Public Health in Singapore. Here, he teaches courses around health, health behaviors and what impacts these with an increasing focus on equity. Despite his strong scientific background, teaching remains his first love. Andre enjoys designing teaching and learning materials for diverse audiences and reflecting on the essence of effective teaching.

    He is currently teaching about 900 pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and medical students about the importance of looking beyond the clinical. On a personal note, in spite of holding a German passport, Andre considers Singapore and Malaysia his home. You'll often find him in shorts and flip flops, savoring kopi (coffee) like a local.

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