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The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) is the peak organisation for practitioners involved in the education and training of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

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Enquiries - tel: +61 478 313 123

(Hot Topic Action Group)

An ANZAHPE HTAG provides a forum for exploration and development of issues important to health professional educators.

ANZAHPE has four current HTAGs - click on tabs below to learn about these groups.

Sustaining work-placed learning - A health professional team-based approach

Health Humanities

Planetary Health Education

Clinical Mentoring and Beyond - Supporting Medicine & Health Students

HTAGs are established to:

  1. Have a tangible output that is intended to have a definite positive effect on health professional education;
  2. Facilitate cross-Tasman collaborations on subjects important to members and health professional educators;
  3. Contribute to the continued growth of membership and strength of the Association.

How is an HTAG established and what might it do?

  • The CoM regards HTAGs as an important forum for members that are additional to the journal, the annual conference and state/local activities.  


    1.     Can be formed once a proposal prepared using the Association’s “HTAG Template” has been accepted by the HTAG working group from CoM (comprising the Vice President, the Secretary and the Marketing Co-ordinator);

    2.     Are open to members of ANZAHPE; if non-ANZAHPE members decide to join a HTAG, they  must become a member of ANZAHPE  to take part in the group;

    3.     Can be advertised on the ANZAHPE website and/or by an email sent to the membership by the ANZAHPE office;

    4.     Will devise a plan and timeframe for structure and function as well as ‘output’ or ‘product’.This plan will be submitted to the Vice President who has the oversight for HTAGs within 3 months of receiving notification of HTAG acceptance. the Vice President will monitor the level of activity/progress of each HTAG;

    5.     May participate in the annual conference by following the usual procedure for abstract submission,  and will be offered a PeArLS, a presentation or a workshop in the program to inform the membership/field on the progress and outcomes of their HTAG project;

    6.     May be invited to present to CoM in order to inform the Management of the Association about the HTAG’s findings;

    7.     Could present to state/local ANZAHPE events.

HTAG's will be provided with a password protected discussion forum on the ANZAHPE website to allow HTAG members to communicate with one another asynchronously. A nominated HTAG member can be given administration privileges to maintain their group’s page on the ANZAHPE website.

Are you are interested in establishing a new HTAG?

We welcome enquiries and would be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact the ANZAHPE Executive Officer to find out more.


P O Box 852,
Renmark, SA. 5341.  Aus.

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President: A/Prof Jo Bishop

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