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The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) is the peak organisation for practitioners involved in the education and training of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

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FAQs -  mentorship scheme

Who are the Mentors? Mentors will be ANZAHPE Fellows, or Associate Fellows, however educational leaders (who are not yet involved in the fellowship scheme) are encouraged to volunteer as mentors also. 

Who are the Mentees? 
Mentees can be either ANZAHPE members, Associate fellows or even Fellows, depending on their needs.

Can I be both a Mentor and a Mentee? 
Yes, if you can manage it! For example, as an Associate Fellow you might mentor an ANZAHPE member seeking mentoring of HPE career development, but as an Associate you might wish to be mentored to build your scholarship, leadership and research portfolio with a view to Fellowship application. 

Can I choose my mentor/mentee? 
Not quite. Allocation of mentor/mentee pairs will be determined by the Mentorship Scheme Working group based on the details you provide in your EOI submission.

How much time do I need to commit to this? 
Over the one year scheme there will be two workshops to attend (one at the beginning and one celebratory event at the end of the scheme, approx. 2 hours in total). In between the workshops time commitment will vary according to agreements but usually one hour per month.

When will I know if I am in the scheme? 
A call for those interested in being mentored will follow after the ANZAHPE Festival Conference. Your place in the scheme will be confirmed in August 2021. The Mentorship Scheme will commence with a Mentorship Workshop on September 9th for mentors and mentee pairs.

Will the program be evaluated? 
Yes! We will be evaluating the impact of the program and will share our findings with the ANZAHPE community.

I’m interested in being a mentor, but I’ve never really done it before. How will the scheme support me? 
As a member of this scheme you will be invited to the preliminary workshop. This will provide all participants with the mentorship structure, some tools and strategies and interactive activities to develop foundational knowledge and expectations about mentorship relationships. The workshop will introduce you to other mentors forming a mentorship community. Additionally, we will provide access to web-based resources to support good mentoring relationships.

Please contact us for any other questions 

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