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Focus on Health Professional Education: Special Themes

Focus on Health Professional Education (FoHPE) will publish manuscripts on special themes in each issue, alongside our regular articles and invited Focus on Methodology articles.

Special theme on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging - 2023

    Manuscripts considered for this theme will be original research papers, short reports or discussion papers, innovative teaching and learning projects or letters to the Editor focusing on diversity, inclusion and belonging in the health professions, at either a student or practitioner level. The guest editors for this special theme are Professor Louisa Remedios, Professor Suzanne Pitama and Dr Sarah Rennie.

    We are particularly interested in papers that advance our understanding of:

    • The barriers to and enablers of diversity, inclusion and belonging in health professional education. 
    • How health professional educators can address the opportunities and challenges of globalisation and internationalisation, and examine our current practice, including systems of exclusion, such as hetro-normativity and ethnocentricity.
    • How gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, socioeconomic status, etc impact on performance and attainment in health professional education and what we can do to level the playing field and remove these inequities.
    • How we deal with issues of unconscious bias in health professional education selection, teaching and assessment.
    • How we can ensure that selection, teaching and assessment approaches are inclusive and value the diversity of all students and staff, and actions we can take to promote belonging as part of this system.
    • Best practice for development of inclusive health professional education learning spaces and environments that promote respectful inclusion, diversity and belonging.

    We would especially like to welcome submissions from Indigenous and First Nation authors sharing their work on health professional education with the ANZAHPE community.

    Submissions for the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging theme will be accepted until July 30, 2023.

    Special theme on Interprofessional Education – ongoing
    Manuscripts considered for this theme will be original research papers and conceptual or discussion papers focusing on interprofessional learning or interprofessional education in the health professions, at either a student or practitioner level. The guest editor for this special theme is Associate Professor Jodie Copley.

    We are particularly interested in papers that advance our understanding of:

    • the practice of interprofessional education and its impact on interprofessional collaborative practice and associated client and organisational outcomes
    • the experience of interprofessional teaching and learning, and how this can inform interprofessional collaborative practice 
    • theoretical underpinnings of interprofessional learning and how these impact on interprofessional education practice.

    Submissions for the Interprofessional education theme will be accepted at any time.

    What you need to know
    Submissions for special themes will undergo the usual review process, with no guarantee of publication. Manuscript reviews will result in either acceptance or rejection of the paper, or an invitation to make revisions or resubmit with changes.

    Please direct any questions about special themes by email to: 

    Please refer to the guidelines for authors for submissions to FoHPE.



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