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Past Grant Recipients


Project title: Translating faculty development for Clinical Educators into practice: the real impact!
Project Team: Lead: Annette Burgess, Co-investigators: Sandra Carr, Elie Matar, Akhil Bansal, Kiah Evans, Wendy Hu

Project title: Knowledge is power, experience is personal - developing authentic learning opportunities for health professional students
Project Team: Lead: Lynda Hughes, Co-investigators: Elisabeth Coyne, Marie-Claire O’Shae, Lana Mitchell, Virginia Jones, Many Foster

Project title: A realist evaluation of an Inter-Professional medication safety micro-curriculum bridging case-based and simulation worlds
Project Team: Lead: Kellie Charles, Co-investigators: Carl Schneider, Astrid Frotjold, Stephen Carter, Michelle Maw, Nicholas Buckley

Project title: Students as change agents in healthcare: exploring student perceptions and experiences of challenging low-value care while
on clinical placements
Project Team: Lead: Melanie Farlie, Co-investigators: Stephen Maloney, Jonathan Foo, Samantha Sevenhuysen, Cylie Williams


Lead Investigator: Joanne Bolton, Co-investigators: Ngaree Blow, Elizabeth Molloy

Project title: Exploring student and teacher development of 'ways of knowing' in healthcare: A study of learning and discomfort


Project title: Critical Thinking Development in Undergraduate Midwifery Students:  An Australasian validation study
Amanda Carter, Linda Sweet, Michelle Gary, Tania Fleming, Dristen Graham, Dolores Dooley 

Project title: Building flexibility in allied health education:  An evaluation of student competency development in a simulated telehealth clinic
Catherine Easton, Linda Wilson


Dr Ben Milbourn, Prof Sonya Girdler 
Project title: Developing resilience and positive mental health strategies in health professional students

Dr Christy Noble, Prof Victoria Brazil, Prof Elizabeth Molloy, Ms Jessica Young
Project title: Enhancing feedback literacy in the workplace: a learner-centred approach

Dr Frances Doran
Project title: An innovative gender-focused education intervention for health professional students: A pilot study

Dr Helena Ward, Prof Maree O'Keefe
Project title: Analysis of Leadership activities and strategies in Interprofessional Learning using a cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) approach

Dr Kylie Murphy, Prof Rodney Pope, Dr Tracey Parnell, Dr Narelle Patton, Mr Tim Eggleston
Project title: Development of an EBP Learning and Assessment Framework for academics, workplace learning supervisors, and students: An action research project

Dr Zarrin Siddiqui, Dr Hahn Ngo
Project title: Improving gender equity in health professions education


2018 Julie Ash: Project title: Clinicians epistemic beliefs about assessment: Basis for a paradigm shift

2018 Simone Gibson: Project title: Embedding patient feedback in a programmatic assessment framework

2018 Belinda Judd: Project title: Enhancing novice students’ readiness for clinical placements through the development and testing of a multidisciplinary evaluation tool

2018 Avril Lee: Project title: What education design can reduce prescribing errors by junior medical staff?

2015 Koshila Kumar: Project title: 'How do participants of formal professional development programs in health professions education (HPE) negotiate and construct learning: from classroom to workplace.'

2015 Nancy Sturman: Project title: 'Working with Interpreters in Simulation Environments (WISE)'

2012 Wendy Hu: Project title: ‘They do tell you a lot: An action research study to support staff who support students.'

2011 Angela Kinnell: 'A Longitudinal analysis of dental student clinician’s therapeutic communication skills: student and patient perspectives.'

2010 Linda Sweet: Project title: ‘Adaption and use of the miniCEX in midwifery education.'

2010 Pam Nicol for a project titled ‘An auditory training program for recognising abnormal heart sounds.'

2009 Emma Warnecke: Project title: ‘Impact of mindfulness on medical student stress levels – a randomised control trial.’

2008 Robyn Smith: 'Preparing for clinical education – what do allied health clinicians do in preparation for teaching students in the clinical setting".

2008 Kara Gilbert & Brett Williams: 'The Feedback Loop: Linking Teaching, Learning and University Evaluations in Improvement Strategies for Medicine and the Health Sciences".

2007 Robyn Woodward-Kron: 'Sustaining Knowledge Transfer of Public Health Graduates Returning to Developing Countries via an E-Community of Practice'.

2004 Debra Nestel 'A feedback model for teaching and learning in clinical settings'.

2004 Rola Ajjawi: 'How experienced physiotherapists communicate clinical reasoning'.

2004 Elizabeth Molloy: 'Exploring best-practice verbal feedback in undergraduate physiotherapy education'.

2003 Helen Moriarty: 'The client perspective on good attitudes for doctors in addiction medicine'.

2002 Margaret Horsburgh: 'Interprofessional Education'.

2002 Dale Sheehan, Linda Robertson: 'Clinical reasoning: an exploration of the impact of professional experience on the focus of reasoning'.

2000 Fran Boyle, Natasha Posner: 'Medical student attitudes to community medicine'.

2000 Anna Chur-Hansen: 'The self-reported experiences of medical students who fail, or are at risk of failing'.




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