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ANZAHPE ONLINE aims to deliver a rich academic experience to ANZAHPE members and the wider community.  The PD program has been designed to to cater for novice through to experienced educators/scholars.  The program is a series of monthly events throughout the year.  ANZAHPE members have access to recordings of past events as a membership benefit.

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ANZAHPE Online Program

    • 12 Aug 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    What institutions and individuals might do to improve feedback

    Prof Elizabeth Molloy & A/Prof Rola Ajjawi

    Although feedback is viewed as instrumental to learning, it is often reported to be ineffective or problematic. Academic and healthcare institutions have typically responded to ‘the feedback problem’ by training more educators to be better at delivering feedback information to recipients. Rather than doing more of the same, with little effect, we argue that we might do better to reframe what is meant by feedback, and in doing so, encourage learners to have a more active role in the process. 

    In this interactive session, the notion of learner feedback literacy will be discussed, and illustrative examples of what this might look like in healthcare contexts will be drawn upon from the research. Educators will be challenged to think about what they can do to support learner agency within feedback conversations, as well as what institutions might do to encourage more productive feedback processes. The role of emotions in feedback will be examined, and participants will be asked to consider how an educational alliance might be cultivated to draw out the potential of feedback for learning.

    This session will include provocations fuelled by evidence, and will enable participants to work on a case study within small groups, providing an opportunity for discussion and application of some of the key principles. Feedback Researchers, Liz Molloy and Rola Ajjawi, co-editors of the 2019 book “The impact of Feedback in Higher Education” will lead the session.

    NB:  A Recording of this session will be available to ANZAHPE members and non-member registrants post event.

    2 Pre-Readings:

    Molloy E, Ajjawi R, Bearman M, Noble C, Rudland J, & Ryan A. (2020) Challenging feedback myths: how to involve learners and promote effects. Medical Education; 54(1):33–39 doi:10.1111/medu.13802

    Ajjawi R, & Regehr G. (2019) When I say … feedback. Medical Education, 53(7): 652-654. doi:10.1111/medu.13746

    Liz Molloy is Professor of Work Integrated Learning in the Department of Medical Education, and Director of Interprofessional Education and Practice in the Faculty MDHS at the University of Melbourne. Liz worked as a physiotherapist, and completed a PhD in 2006 on feedback in clinical education. Her research focuses on feedback and assessment, workplace learning, and interprofessional learning and practice. Liz was awarded a Karolinska Fellowship for Excellence in Medical Education Research in 2019, and is a Fellow of ANZAHPE.

    Rola Ajjawi is Associate Professor Education Research at the Centre for Research and Assessment in Digital Learning (CRADLE) at Deakin University where she leads a program of research seeking to improve work-integrated learning and to promote learner success. Her research spans feedback, workplace educational cultures, identity and belonging. Rola is Deputy Editor of Medical Education and serves on the editorial board of Teaching in Higher Education. She was awarded a Karolinska Fellowship for Excellence in Medical Education Research in 2021.

    • 9 Sep 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    ANZAHPE Fellowship Scheme
    Mentorship Scheme

    Julie Ash

    This session will be a workshop event for mentors and mentees who have registered for the ANZAHPE Mentorship Scheme.

    The purpose of the Mentorship Scheme is to provide Fellowship mentoring  for ANZAHPE members wishing to advance their career as educators, leaders, scholars or researchers. We hope the scheme will also support mentees to join or advance in the ANZAHPE Fellowship community.

    Read more about the Mentorship Scheme here 

    • 24 Sep 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (UTC+10:00)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    Theory in your health professional research

    Dr Lara Varpio 

    Description:  Incorporating theory into your medical education scholarship is now expected research practice. Unfortunately, for many clinician-educators, this challenge is daunting because there are few, if any, resources on how  to incorporate the theory. This workshop is designed to specifically address that challenge. 

    At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 

    • Distinguish between post-positivist and constructivist paradigms 
    • Contrast inductive and deductive reasoning 
    Differentiate between 4 different ways of using theory  in health professions education research.

    Dr Lara Varpio is Professor of Medicine, and Associate Director of Research for the Center for Health Professions Education at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS). Dr. Varpio spent the first 6 years of her career at the University of Ottawa, Canada before moving to Washington DC, USA to join USUHS. 

    Read more about Dr Lara Varpio here 

    • 14 Oct 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    Interprofessional education: What is it and why it matters

    Associate Professor Margo Brewer 

    This session is aimed at health professional educators wanting an introduction to interprofessional education (IPE). This interactive session will explore the drivers for this approach within health professional education, what IPE is (and isn’t), and the general principles of effective IPE. Participants are encouraged to build on this foundational knowledge by joining the second webinar in the series [insert title here] on October 21, which explores IPE within four different contexts: the classroom, online, simulation and clinical placements.

    Margo Brewer has over 10 years’ experience leading interprofessional education (IPE) at Curtin University, and completed her PhD in leadership on this topic. Margo has won multiple teaching excellence awards for her work in IPE including an Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching award and the International Best Practice award at a World Business Capability Congress. She has over 20 IPE publications including a HERDSA guide to embedding IPE in the curriculum, and has provided expert advice on IPE to over 40 universities and health services across the globe.

    • 21 Oct 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    Approaches to interprofessional education: Lessons for success

    A panel of IPE leaders from Australia and New Zealand - details coming soon!

    This webinar is aimed at health professional educators wanting to embed interprofessional education (IPE) within their local context. IPE leaders will share examples of IPE in four contexts¾the classroom, online, simulation-based learning, and clinical education¾along with their tips for success. Participants will be provided with a blueprint for designing and evaluating IPE. 

    • 11 Nov 2021
    • 1:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • 12 Nov 2021
    • 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    Bedside teaching - do we need it?

    Debate - panel members and full details coming soon


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