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Meet our Members: Hashmet Parveen

8 Feb 2023 10:40 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

Meet one of our members, Dr Hashmet Parveen.

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, professions and countries. Dr Hashmet Parveen is one of our international members. From being a General Practitioner for 17 years, Dr Hashmet Parveen moved into academia and research for the past six years and has found both fields enriching and challenging. Hashmet has found her most satisfying role is contributing to the writing and coordinating of the MRCGP International exams at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

“A thirst for knowledge, an enthusiasm for meeting new experts, a dream of conducting good research in the field of medical education and a constant yearning to update my teaching skills was the focus of my registering in ANZAHPE.

 I first heard of ANZAHPE from my emails to a wonderful guide Dr Koshila Kumar who unknowingly opened a channel to join similar minds in the pursuit of enhancing teaching and research skills in medical education. I explored ANZAHPE’S core objectives and found them very encouraging. I have finally found a body of experts whose guidance will enable medical educators like me, across the globe, to achieve holistic development in their careers regardless of the level of expertise.

 The ANZAHPE membership is a very useful platform for all educators keen on research to meet and learn. It enables and encourages all members to participate and contribute whilst learning innovations in the process.

I have personally found participation in the ANZAHPE webinars very informative and helps me obtain updated knowledge on new modalities adopted in teaching and research. The journals are always a useful resource for future research topics and I hope to pursue my dream of contributing to research and hope to maintain a long and meaningful membership at ANZAHPE.”


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