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The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) is the peak organisation for practitioners involved in the education and training of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

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From the President - ANZAHPE Bulletin Issue 2, 2021

5 Jul 2021 11:16 AM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

As we approach our Festival, the uncertainty in our lives that has been generated by us dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and even abounds.  The makes it a critical time for us to reflect on our roles as Educators, and how we can use knowledge and instruction to guide and reassure the next generation of Health Professionals.  Much of this will come about by direct instruction, sometimes by the simple communication of facts, though other times it will be the communication of underpinning principles which will provide others with tools to make good decisions.  In addition, we have important responsibilities to guide via our attitudes and behaviours, to give examples of how we deal with uncertainty and ambiguity.  Sometimes, the most salient lesson we can deliver is to say “I don’t know”, as long as we are prepared to have a discussion about how one might find out.

The Festival should give us the opportunity for reflection.  It will be different, and I am sure many of us will miss the opportunity to network, meet old friends, go out for dinner, etc.  We will probably all suffer a bit from continuing to attend to our day job, while we are supposed to be at a conference, but I hope we can dedicate appropriate time and headspace to take advantage of what is on offer.  I am particularly looking forward to our keynote speakers – Karen Mattick from Exeter, Rhys Jones from Auckland, and Dinesh Palipana from Queensland Health/Griffith.  In addition, there are some engaging workshops, featuring collaborations with our international partners, including AMEE and IAMSE.  Not to mention the over 240 “free” presentations from our most important contributors – you.

The Association will be holding is Annual General Meeting on Friday August 6.  In addition to the critical work and reports of the AGM, we will be holding a celebration immediately after it to recognise a number ANZAHPE awards, including honorary membership, and merit-based awards.  I encourage you to attend.

A couple of ANZAHPE new initiatives are due to commence shortly.  This include a mentorship program, being led by Julie Ash and the Fellowship team, and work has commenced to a celebration of 50 years of ANZAHPE/ANZAME which is due for 2022.  You will hear more about both programs shortly.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve as ANZAHPE president for this short period.  
Thank you to all for the support, and especially to Jill Romeo, our Executive Officer, and all members of the Committee of Management.  
In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: “Farewell, and thanks for all the fish!!”


P O Box 852,
Renmark, SA. 5341.  Aus.

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