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  • 4 Aug 2022 10:28 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Emeritus Professor David Prideaux who has had his ANZAHPE Fellowship revalidated for another 5 years. We are excited to retain David as one of our long standing Fellows.

    About Emeritus Professor David Prideaux

    Re-validation was never a question for me. I value my Fellowship just as I value my 31 years as a Member/Honorary Member of ANZAHPE. I joined ANZAME, as it was, in 1991 just as I was beginning my new career in medical education. I felt instantly at home and have done so ever since. ANZAME/ANZAHPE leaders and members have been great mentors to me in my career and I view the Fellowship as an opportunity to pay some of that back by mentoring others.

    I was lucky enough to be able to serve ANZAME/ANZAHPE as Committee Member, Secretary, President and Journal Editor. My Fellowship enables me to continue to serve in another role. I have seen ANZAME/ANZAHPE grow from an organisation that promoted good ideas about teaching to one that is engaged in the scholarship of Health Professional Education. I look forward to contributing to that scholarship through my Fellowship. I am proud to be FANZAHPE.

    David Prideaux is Emeritus Professor of Medical Education in the Prideaux Discipline of Clinical Education in the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University. He is an educator by background with expertise in curriculum development, assessment and evaluation. His roles have included curriculum design, assessment, evaluation and staff development for the medical course at Flinders. He has undertaken consultancies in the development and change of medical school programs nationally and internationally and has assisted with the development of new medical schools in Australia and overseas. Professor Prideaux’s research interests focus on curriculum models for sustainable and symbiotic clinical education. He has published widely his field of study and has been Deputy Editor of the journals Medical Education and Advances in Health Sciences Education. He has performed a number of roles in accreditation and assessment at the Australian Medical Council and is currently a Director and Chair of the Assessment Committee. He is the holder of the 2004 Australian and New Zealand Association for Medical Education (ANZAME) Award for Excellence in Medical Education and a 2010 Staff Award for Outstanding Contribution to Flinders University. In 2015 he was made a Foundation Fellow of ANZAHPE, the successor to ANZAME.

  • 4 Aug 2022 10:19 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Dr Svetlana King on her appointment as ANZAHPE Fellow.

    About Dr Svetlana King

    I am a Senior Lecturer in Health Professions Education at Flinders University. In the medical program, I lead the research education curriculum and coordinate the Learning Coach program – an initiative where medical students work individually with a coach who supports their development as a self-regulated learner and reflective practitioner throughout the four-year program. In the Prideaux Discipline of Clinical Education, I teach in the Master of Clinical Education, supervise HDR students, and undertake my own HPE research. I have an eclectic array of research interests, much of which is closely aligned to my teaching. In particular, I am interested in coaching, self-regulated learning and reflective practice, and also undertake research in faculty development. I am also a member of the Learning and Teaching Academy leadership team and am involved in providing faculty development to staff who are undertaking educational scholarship.

    As a former high school teacher and newcomer to HPE, I was apprehensive about attending my first ANZAHPE conference in 2014, and anticipated that I would feel like an outsider. But the sense of community was palpable and the ‘flat structure’ of the organisation was evident. I felt an immediate sense of belonging to the ANZAHPE community and this is something that I have really appreciated during my career in HPE. To be recognised as a Fellow of ANZAHPE is an incredible honour. It further strengthens and formally recognises my place in this community, and I hope that I can support others who are engaging in HPE research and scholarship to also feel part of this community.

  • 2 Aug 2022 4:16 PM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sub-committee

    Over recent years, there has been a development in our understanding of what it means to be “other” and the significant impact that this has on health and wellbeing with, for instance, clear gaps in life expectancy between indigenous and non indigenous people in both Australia and New Zealand . As an Association for Health Professional Educators, it is important that we continually re-assess our role in helping to ensure diversity, inclusion and equity in health.

    When looking at what we can do as an organisation, we need to ask ourselves:

    • Does the membership and leadership of our organisation represent the diversity of our Australia and New Zealand? In particular, are first nations people represented in our organisation and our leadership?

    • Are we as an organisation being inclusive? And are the voices of those with diverse attributes being heard?

    One of the first ways that we can get an understanding about the diversity and inclusion of our organisation is to ask our members to fill in optional information about their personal attributes when renewing their membership. These attributes would be age, gender, sexual orientation, culture/ethnicity and disability. All of the data are kept secure and confidential under the ANZAHPE privacy policy (insert link – see below)). When we run data collection, we will not link personal attributes to names and when we report on our organisation’s diversity, we will use broad terms. For example, in the most recent censuses in Australia and New Zealand , approximately 200 ethnic groups were described but, as our organisation is relatively small, these will be narrowed down to nine broad groups in Australia and six broad groups in New Zealand so that if for example we were reporting on ethnic groups, we would report on South East Asian members rather than report on ethnic groups with only one member which could potentially allow that member to be identified.

    We already have data on the health professions that are represented in our organisation, so that once we have a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the members of our organisation, we can direct our efforts to encourage membership, leadership and inclusion of the diverse communities present in our countries and our health professional educators.

    This is the first step that we need to take as an organisation. The next step is to ensure that our organisation educates and empowers our members to lead and support change in their own institutions so that the composition of our student cohort and the content and process of our teaching reflects diversity, inclusion and equity, with the goal of improving the health of the communities that we serve.

    We have a subcommittee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to help guide our policies, decisions and actions which meets via zoom for a short meeting every 1-2 months. We are looking for new members on our subcommittee and we would particularly welcome those from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. Please send any Expressions of Interest to Anna Vnuk,

  • 27 Jul 2022 1:57 PM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Professor Gary Velan who has had his ANZAHPE Fellowship revalidated for another 5 years. We are excited to retain Gary as one of our long standing Fellows.

    About Professor Gary Velan

    Professor Gary Velan is an award-winning medical educator at UNSW Sydney. He is currently Senior Vice Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Medicine & Health, and is a previous co-Director of the UNSW Scientia Education Academy. Gary’s innovations include the introduction of online formative assessments to UNSW and the development of virtual microscopy adaptive tutorials. These improved learning outcomes for students in Medicine and Medical Science at UNSW and beyond. He led the Scientia Education Academy in the development of an ePortfolio to enable educators at UNSW to curate and showcase their teaching achievements. He is internationally recognised for research in medical education, focusing on eLearning, assessment and feedback.

    Gary has been an ANZAHPE member for many years – he and his students present regularly at ANZAHPE conferences and he is available to mentor ANZAHPE members.

  • 30 Jun 2022 12:14 PM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Dr Yobelli Jimenez on her appointment as ANZAHPE Associate Fellow.

    About Yobelli

    I am a radiation therapist and I completed my PhD in 2018. My PhD project brought together my interests in high quality patient care, education and technology. My PhD project evaluated the use of a virtual reality tool to educate women with breast cancer about radiation therapy. I am currently working as a Lecturer in the Discipline of Medical Imaging Science at the University of Sydney.

     My research interests are focused on health profession student education, and I am currently working across various projects, exploring the use of technology for student education, ethics, and student wellbeing. I have participated in ANZAHPE conferences and workshops for a long time, finding that these activities align well to my interests and values for growing evidence base of education research. In 2021, I had the opportunity to participate in the ANZAHPE mentoring program, which further enhanced my commitment to quality education research. I decided to apply for Associate Fellowship to continue my association with the ANZAHPE community and collaborate with professionals and researchers who share my passion for research in teaching and learning.

  • 10 Jun 2022 1:25 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    ANZAHPE celebrates its 50th year anniversary in 2022, and to mark this significant milestone is planning to produce a series of papers on themes representing the core values of ANZAHPE. The papers will be published across a number of issues in the ANZAHPE journal, Focus on Health Professional Education (FoHPE), starting in the December 2022 Vol 23.4. The papers should be forward-looking, innovative and focus on the future of Health Professional Education in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and globally. The papers would be authored by selected key contributors to ANZAHPE who would enlist supporting authors. Selection may be through expression of interest or nomination by the ANZAHPE Committee of Management. Inclusivity principles will guide author selection. All authors will be required to submit an Abstract in advance which will be reviewed by a panel. Completed papers will be reviewed by a FoHPE Associate Editor. The series Editor will provide a commentary on the core values and resulting papers.

    The Core Values and briefs are listed on the document attached here.

    Expressions of Interest are called for the following papers in the Anniversary Collection.

    • Health professional education for inclusive health services in the next 50 years (Core Value 2)
    • Learning, teaching and assessment in health professional education and scholarship in the next 50 years (Core Value 4)
    • Health professional education for a globally interdependent world in the next 50 years (Core Value 5)
    • Mentoring, support and workplace learning for health professionals, educators and researchers in the next 50 years (Core Value 6)

    The ANZAHPE Committee of Management is commissioning the remaining two papers in the collection.

    Papers should be up to 2000 words long. Submission dates will be negotiated with successful authors.

    Expressions of interest should be submitted by the Lead Author. They should contain a one-page CV of the Lead Author and the names and affiliation of all Contributing Authors. It is expected that all authors would be ANZAHPE members.

    The Expression of Interest should be accompanied by an Abstract of no more than 500 words setting out:

    • an overview of the paper,
    • its theoretical underpinnings and location within the literature in the field
    • the main arguments in the paper
    • the major conclusions to be drawn.                                              


    Abstracts will be reviewed by a Selection Panel with a membership of;

    • the Editor of FoHPE
    • the two FoHPE Associate Editors assigned to the Anniversary Collection
    • the Anniversary Collection series Editor.

    The following criteria will be used to select the successful Abstracts.

    • The expertise of the Lead Author and standing within ANZAHPE
    • The quality and diversity of the writing team. Preference may be given to teams with a combination of senior and junior members.
    • How well the ideas presented in the Abstract embody the relevant ANZAHPE Core Value underpinning the paper
    • How well the Abstract demonstrates that the paper will be forward looking and at the cutting edge of the topic.
    • The likely overall academic quality of the paper as judged from the Abstract

    Expressions of interest should be submitted to

     Jill Romeo, Executive Officer ANZAHPE  (

    by no later than Friday 8 July, 2022

  • 25 May 2022 9:35 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    About Joy

    Joy is the Director Education Development and Staff Support Unit (EDSSU) at Otago Medical School, New Zealand, and is responsible for the co-ordination of the Education Advisers' Otago Medical School role and sits on the MB ChB Curriculum Committee and other committees in an educational advisory capacity. Joy began her Medical Education career, over 20 years ago, at Dundee Centre for Medical Education.

    She has been a member of ANZAHPE since moving to New Zealand in 2003 and has sat on the Committee of Management of ANZAHPE for the last 4 years as the Professional Development lead.

    "I am privileged to be an ANZAHPE Fellow. I applied for Fellowship to further broaden my HPE collaborations with educators and researchers who share similar passions."

  • 25 May 2022 9:20 AM | Kendall Marriott (Administrator)

    About Nyoli

    I am currently working in clinical medicine as a GP and in medical education both as a PhD candidate and for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. I’ve worked in medical education for the last 12 years, in many different roles including the implementation of programmatic assessment and the development of entrustable professional activities for GP registrars. In 2021 I began working for the RACGP as Clinical Lead responsible for the development of a national GP vocational training syllabus. I am currently undertaking my PhD with Prideaux Health Professions Education, Flinders University focusing on what is fairness of human judgment in assessment and how this can be better utilized within our assessment programs. 

    My first association with ANZHAPE was at the combined OTTAWA conference in Perth in 2016, and I have not missed a conference since! I have learnt from and been challenged by the inspiring members of the ANZHAPE community. I am keen to further collaborate with, and hopefully in turn give back to this community. It is a delight to have been accepted as a Fellow of ANZAHPE. 

  • 6 May 2022 3:03 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    We are delighted to share the names of our Plenary Speakers for the 2022 ANZAHPE Festival.

    The theme this year is Partnerships, and we look forward to hearing how partnerships have shaped their careers.

    The 50th Anniversary celebrations and Festival being on Friday July 8th with Professor  Suzanne Pitama speaking from Christchurch, New Zealand.  We hope you can enjoy this session at a local in-person networking hub, but we will also be providing an online viewing option. Look out for the final list of hubs that will be announced soon.

    We will open the online Festival with Dr Dujeepa D. Samarasekera on Monday, July 11th. On Wednesday, July 13th,  we will be joined by a Panel of speakers led by MC,  Dr Rhea Liang.  The panel includes Professors Elizabeth Molloy and Darrell Evans and Student Award recipients Dr Ken Cho and medical student Lizzie Stevenson.The Festival will conclude with Professor Jen Cleland on Tuesday . 

    Click here to read the full bios of our invited speakers. 


    Jo Bishop
    ANZAHPE President
    2022 ANZAHPE Festival Committee Lead

  • 8 Apr 2022 8:18 AM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    Have you ever wondered how events like ANZAHPE Online and our annual conferences/festival happen?

    Are you curious about how decisions are made on behalf of our organisation and are keen to be involved?

    We would love to hear from members who would like learn more about nominating for a position on the ANZAHPE Committee of Management (CoM) in 2022.

    Nominations for the ANZAHPE CoM will be received in advance of the AGM to be held on Friday 24th June 1:00pm (AEST).

    Hear a message from Megan Anakin (ANZAHPE Honorary Secretary):  Nominations for CoM 2022.mp4

    2022 CoM nomination form

    CoM information form

    Information on requirement of Director identification number for CoM nominees here.

    Please feel free to contact to Jo Bishop (President), Megan Anakin (Secretary) or any of the CoM members (click here to view) to discuss the expectations such as time commitment for meetings, workload, and the rewards from serving your Association as member of the committee.

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