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The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) is the peak organisation for practitioners involved in the education and training of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

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  • 4 Nov 2021 11:26 AM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    A/Prof Jo Bishop - ANZAHPE President

    Dear Members,

    I welcome you as the newly elected president of ANZAHPE following the Annual General Meeting held in August.

    I joined Bond University 8 years ago this month with my family for a 3-year adventure, we are now Australian citizens! I am the curriculum lead for the medical program and the Dean of students for the health faculty. 

    The first Australian conference I attended and presented was in fact the 2014 ANZAHPE conference “Developing Health Professional Educators: Connecting Science and Theory with Learning for Clinical Practice” held on the Gold Coast. It was the first time I heard of PeArLS and quickly realised the wealth of collegiality within this Community of Practice. We can all agree that what ever format, in person or online, the PeArLS is staple of our organisation. During this year’s festival, my colleagues and I from Bond utilsed this format to ask Mentor, Coach, Personal tutor, advisor? You decide! We have formed collaborations with colleagues nationally and will be rolling out a revised program based on evidence next month – thank you!

    Other memories from the conference was that the Translink Tram service had not been completed on time and that the conference dinner was at SeaWorld where we were greeted by a Hollywood star during our meal ….. the sea lion from Nim’s Island, was it Friday or Spud?

    I would like to acknowledge and thank Professor Ben Canny who supported the Committee of Management (CoM) as the president and convened the 2021 Festival. In true homage to Ben who values a quote, here is one from Harvey Mackay “None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone's help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.” 

    I would like to introduce you to your CoM and their portfolio. For a full overview please read here and please contact anyone of us if you have any questions or suggestions.

    We are pleased to announce that next year’s festival will be themed around ‘Partnerships’. Along with celebrating our partnerships with Health Professional Education the opening to the ANZAHPE Festival will include a special 50th anniversary simultaneous celebration, at local hubs around Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

    This event will be held on Friday 8 July, so please reserve the date in your calendar! The remainder of the festival will take place over 3 days: Monday 11th, Wednesday 13th and Tuesday 19th, using an online platform

    Feedback from the 2021 Festival indicated that while we need to be cautious about interstate and international travel, attendees appreciate the networking and social opportunities usually provided at ANZAHPE events.  Therefore, sometime on Friday July 8th (it will be later in the day for our NZ colleagues, and earlier for those in Perth) we invite you all to attend – in person – the official opening of the festival. Following the official address, attendees will be able to participate in local networking. More information will be circulated with the launch of our festival website.

  • 4 Nov 2021 10:00 AM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    Sinead Kado  BSc Psychology; MBBS; Dip O&G; MHPE (Dist)

    I have worked for 20 years in Fiji first in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, then tutoring medical students through problem based learning before becoming the year 1-3 coordinator at the Fiji School of Medicine. A consortium of academics from Australia and New Zealand ran the Graduate Certificate in Medical Education for Fiji in 2013, many of whom contribute substantially to ANZAHPE. Through their mentorship and encouragement I further developed my interest in health professions education (HPE) and alongside Louise Young and Linda Sweet developed a medical education workshop for the Pacific. I was then awarded an Australian Awards scholarship to undertake a Masters in HPE at UWA where I began to research the impact of faculty development workshops on educational practice. Subsequently I was successful in being awarded a scholarship to continue in my studies. I am currently undertaking a PhD investigating HPE leadership in the Pacific within an interpretivist framework. My passion is to further develop HPE in the Pacific.

    I joined the ANZAHPE fellowship scheme after encouragement from my mentors in ANZAHPE. I feel privileged to be part of the ANZAHPE family and hope that I can further build the networks between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. I continue to be mentored and I look forward to mentoring others as they begin their HPE journey especially in the Pacific. 

  • 3 Nov 2021 2:28 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    The year 2021 continues to throw challenges at us all, and no more so in the sustenance of principal academic activities, such as the conduct of Conferences.  After cancelling our conference in 2020, ANZAHPE was keen to ensure that members had an opportunity to share their efforts in scholarship through a conference in 2021.  An early decision was taken to conduct the conference fully online, though at the time we were all hopefully of enhanced freedoms by July 2021.  Then Delta dawned, and, via the retrospectoscope, the wisdom of the original decision was vindicated.

    The conference was renamed “the Festival” in recognition of the fact that it was going to be quite different from a normal ANZAHPE Conference.  We may not have had as much “Festival” as we may have liked, but we ended up with a 4-day conference, held across the middle of the day, to enable participants from WA to New Zealand, with 3 Keynote Speakers, 5 workshops/symposia, 20 PeArLS, and 215 “free communications” in the themes of Interprofessional Learning, Educational Technology, Professionalism Culture and Welfare, Assessment.  We had 350 registrants, drawn from across Australasia, with a smattering of contributors from the Region, and North America and Europe.

    Highlights include excellent Keynote speakers including Dr Rhys Jones, University of Auckland, on “Moving backwards into the future: Indigenising the health professional curriculum”; Prof Karen Mattick, University of Exeter, on “Probability, Complexity and Ambiguity”, and Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM, Queensland Health on “Why we need to create the social leaders of tomorrow.“  All provoked our thinking, were well received and generated much positive feedback.  Additional highlights included joint workshops with AMEE and IAMSE, where speakers representing ANZAHPE and our relevant partners were able to contribute. 

    In general, the Festival was a success with respondents to a post-conference survey positive about their experiences and the general format that was followed.  There is much to be learned from an event such as this, and I am confident ANZAHPE will take the experience forward to provide newer and better events in the future.  Not everything worked and the reintroduction of posters was a noted request from many respondents.  In addition, we know that conferences are about networking, and it isn’t the same via Zoom!!!

    The Festival and the Association were supported by a range of loyal and generous sponsors.  These were Australian Medicines Handbook - Platinum Sponsor, Altus Assessments - Vendor Presentation Gold Package, AMBOSS - Vendor Presentation Gold Package, Lecturio GmbH / Inc - Vendor Presentation Gold Package, Fry It - Silver Sponsorship Package, Australian Medical Council - Silver Sponsorship Package.  In addition, the support we received from our Professional Conference Organiser, EventStudio, in one of their first events since being forming from Plevin and Associates was outstanding.  Technical support from Touch Point was also fantastic, and our worst fears were not realised.

    Finally, it takes a team to do any of this, and the “crew” of Megan Anakin, Julie Ash, Jo Bishop, Jill Romeo, Pavla Simerska, Dale Sheehan and Joanna Tai were an absolute delight to work with.  The Festival abstracts can be found at:

    Ben Canny

    ANZAHPE Festival 2021 Lead 
  • 3 Nov 2021 2:24 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    I am currently the Dean of Medicine and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the International Medical School (IMU)  Malaysia. Prior to moving to IMU I held the positions Dean of Medicine in Newcastle and Adelaide University so it has been an interesting experience seeing the different approaches to Health Education between the two countries. 

    I have been a member of ANZAHPE since 2004 and was on the organising committee for the annual conferences in Newcastle and Adelaide. The meeting we ran in Adelaide had a joint organising committee from three of the Universities in South Australia and all the professional groups – a wonderful experience in collaboration emblematic of what I believe ANZAHPE stands for. 

    I have been fortunate enough to have involvement across  undergraduate, Prevocational and specialist training. I would like to see ANZAHPE’s profile and influence in postgraduate education increased and hope I can use my experience in this area to promote this while I am on the COM as well as using my international links to build on the work already done to forge stronger links with other Health Education societies in the Asia Pacific region.
  • 5 Jul 2021 11:16 AM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    As we approach our Festival, the uncertainty in our lives that has been generated by us dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and even abounds.  The makes it a critical time for us to reflect on our roles as Educators, and how we can use knowledge and instruction to guide and reassure the next generation of Health Professionals.  Much of this will come about by direct instruction, sometimes by the simple communication of facts, though other times it will be the communication of underpinning principles which will provide others with tools to make good decisions.  In addition, we have important responsibilities to guide via our attitudes and behaviours, to give examples of how we deal with uncertainty and ambiguity.  Sometimes, the most salient lesson we can deliver is to say “I don’t know”, as long as we are prepared to have a discussion about how one might find out.

    The Festival should give us the opportunity for reflection.  It will be different, and I am sure many of us will miss the opportunity to network, meet old friends, go out for dinner, etc.  We will probably all suffer a bit from continuing to attend to our day job, while we are supposed to be at a conference, but I hope we can dedicate appropriate time and headspace to take advantage of what is on offer.  I am particularly looking forward to our keynote speakers – Karen Mattick from Exeter, Rhys Jones from Auckland, and Dinesh Palipana from Queensland Health/Griffith.  In addition, there are some engaging workshops, featuring collaborations with our international partners, including AMEE and IAMSE.  Not to mention the over 240 “free” presentations from our most important contributors – you.

    The Association will be holding is Annual General Meeting on Friday August 6.  In addition to the critical work and reports of the AGM, we will be holding a celebration immediately after it to recognise a number ANZAHPE awards, including honorary membership, and merit-based awards.  I encourage you to attend.

    A couple of ANZAHPE new initiatives are due to commence shortly.  This include a mentorship program, being led by Julie Ash and the Fellowship team, and work has commenced to a celebration of 50 years of ANZAHPE/ANZAME which is due for 2022.  You will hear more about both programs shortly.

    It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve as ANZAHPE president for this short period.  
    Thank you to all for the support, and especially to Jill Romeo, our Executive Officer, and all members of the Committee of Management.  
    In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: “Farewell, and thanks for all the fish!!”

  • 5 Jul 2021 9:10 AM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    Lisa is Dean and Head in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at La Trobe University. Her professional clinical background is both as a Registered Nurse and Midwife. Lisa has been Editor-in-Chief of Collegian: The Australian Journal for Practice, Scholarship and Research since 2014 and is an Editorial Advisor for Nurse Education Today. She has researched and published extensively in nursing, midwifery and health professions education with a particular focus on simulation and patient safety, peer-assisted learning, professional role development and work readiness. Lisa has also supervised many honours, masters and doctoral students undertaking related studies. She is regularly sought to share her expertise both nationally and internationally.

    Lisa sees Fellowship of ANZAHPE as a natural extension to her work in the field and in growing the exposure of health professional education as an area of scholarly and research importance. Through her Fellowship, Lisa intends to continue to provide mentoring and leadership in health professional education to further grow the field.

  • 30 Apr 2021 3:26 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    I am a medical doctor, who has worked in both private and public sectors as a GP, Assistant General Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and Intensivist. My interests and ambitions in teaching health professionals piloted me to Australia where I furthered my education (Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education and PhD). 

    For almost two decades, I have extensively taught medical, nursing & midwifery, paramedicine, rehabilitation & science students and also made significant contributions to clinical workshops for trainee clinicians, paramedics, nurses from major Brisbane metropolitan hospitals and general community from high schools. Over the past five years, my primary focus is on developing and implementing innovative teaching methodologies for health professionals’ classrooms and designing better assessments. I furthered my research interests into interprofessional education (nursing) by introducing flipped classroom and simulated patient philosophy. I am currently developing virtual classrooms and novel teaching pedagogies for teaching medical/health students.

    I have also reviewed healthcare curricula at both UQ and national universities by providing leadership and support in institutional and cross institutional committees. I have represented UQ on assessment consortia, for local students and internal medical graduates, both locally and overseas. 

    As an active member of ANZAHPE, I believe that the organisation has led by example in promoting and strongly supporting collegiality among health educators nationally and internationally. The organisation not only provides a fertile ground for individual health educators’ development but also nurtures educational research by creating avenues for collaboration and networking to further develop better health education. I am honoured to be accepted as an Associate Fellow. I am confident that I am ready to positively contribute towards ANZAHPE’s core objectives and strategic priorities.

  • 30 Apr 2021 3:16 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    Dr Ashe Coxon (MBBS, FRACGP, DCH, MClinEd, GC Career Development, AFANZAHPE) is a General Practitioner, certified career counsellor and medical educator. Dr Coxon has a strong interest in assisting doctors and medical students with their career decision making - including transitioning between careers, returning to work, and navigating uncertainty. 

    Dr Coxon has a strong interest in medical education and has worked in undergraduate, provocation and postgraduate medical eduction. 

    The reason I applied for an Associate Fellowship of Health Professional Educators was to join a association of likeminded health educators. I am proud to receive associate fellowship which is recognition for my contribution to the world of medical education.

  • 30 Apr 2021 2:10 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    We would love to hear from members who would like learn more about nominating for a position on the ANZAHPE Committee of Management (CoM) in 2021.

    Nominations for the ANZAHPE CoM will be received in advance of the AGM to be held on Friday August 6, 2021 (details TBA). 

    Closing date for nominations:  Monday July 26, 2021

    CoM Nomination form available here 

    Please feel free to reach out to Ben Canny (President), Megan Anakin (Secretary) or any of the CoM members (click here to view)  to discuss the expectations eg time commitment for meetings, workload and the rewards from serving your Association as part of the management committee.

  • 30 Apr 2021 12:49 PM | Jill Romeo (Administrator)

    Interprofessional education (IPE) is a key theme in the upcoming ANZAHPE Festival so keep an eye out for the program, available soon on the Festival website

    AIPPEN (Australasian Interprofessional Practice & Education Network) meets three times a year to focus on shared interprofessional priorities and issues. Despite the lack of face to face professional development opportunities, multiple international webinars on interprofessional topics are advertised on the AIPPEN Slack site. The steering committee have also commenced development of an AIPPEN guide and infographic for educators on 'How to facilitate a pre-registration interprofessional student group.' The purpose of this is to have a good concise reference for staff who want to come and help to facilitate IPL or for those staff who find this work within their role and don’t really understand the principles. 

    What to know more? Contact:

    Fiona Kent, AIPPEN Steering Committee Chair

    ANZAHPE and AIPPEN have collaborated in the development of a web-based digital library to facilitate the sharing of IPE resources for the Australian and New Zealand contexts.  Hosted by Nexus, this repository provides peer reviewed resources including presentations, guidelines, reports, links to journal/conference papers and learning modules.

    Click here to view the 25 resources currently in the repository

    If you would like to submit a resource to the ANZAHPE Resource Repository please complete the submission form and email to

    ANZAHPE IPE IPE Resource Repository Submission Form 2021.docx

    In addition to the repository, the ANZAHPE IPE Sub-committee continues to work on a professional development event and a grant scheme, both planned fo the second half of the year.  We hope to make an announcement re both of these by the end of June.

    Margo Brewer
    Chair, ANZAHPE IPE Sub-committee


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